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Welcome to the World of Urdu Voice Over

Beauty lies in the diversity. There are nearly 7000 languages spoken in the world today. Communicating with a global public is not something which you can achieve by using any one language, even if it be today’s magnificent lingua franca, i.e., International English. You need to be a Roman, or at least an Italian, when at Rome!

Voice over employs one of the most direct and, consequently, most influential modes of communication, i.e. voice. And, you know, sharp things need a sharper handling. Just mumbling, or yelling, in some cases, a script is not a voice over. It may ruin your marketing campaign, eBook, public message, or… You got it, huh?
A good voice over is not just a message. It’s a melody that catches the attention of the inattentive. It’s a call that moves the immovable. It’s a rhetoric that makes everyone stand with you… Voice over is an art with which one can even persuade an economist!

Rendering a good voice over requires the artist to be well versed at the cultural, linguistic, journalistic and psychological discourses of the public you’re going to address. On the other hand, the artist is also supposed to have a good understanding of the globalization and its implications so that he may do justice to the motive behind your project.

I am proud to be a seasoned voice actor and voice over artist who understands the concept and value of localization. That’s because, and that’s why, I really do the best for you!

I know what you aspire. I speak what you mean!